Soap Opera Exec Accused|of Trading With Cuba

     MIAMI (CN) – A company that wants to create a Spanish-language soap opera (telenovela) channel claims in court that its partner is hiding the books and “trading with our nation’s enemy, Cuba.”
     Dreamhouse Entertainment and Latele Novela Network sued Olympusat Inc. in Miami-Dade County Court.
     Olympusat Inc. is the only named defendant, though the complaint repeatedly refers to its president, Tom Mohler.
     Dreamhouse claims it created Latele Novela in 2005, then met with the defendant “to discuss the possibility of working together, through Latele Novela, to develop and market a television network with specialized programming, i.e., exclusive Spanish language ‘soap operas,’ popularly known as ‘novelas’ or ‘telenovelas,’ with the ultimate goal of actually operating such a network.”
     Dreamhouse claims that it and Olympusat signed a letter of intent on Nov. 1, 2005.
     The complaint adds: “Over the next several years, through and including the present, Dreamhouse and defendant did, in fact, work pursuant to the understanding that Olympusat would collect the gross revenues on behalf of the parties and said monies would be split equally, 50/50, with each side bearing the cost of their own operation; however, that has never happened. To date, Olympusat continues to only provide self serving ‘monthly’ statements, unsupported by either a report or third party bills, evidencing any alleged deductions. …
     “Instead, Tom Mohler, president of Olympusat has been collecting and controlling the monies for Latele Novela as though it was his own company. As a matter of fact, and without plaintiffs’ consent, Olympusat’s website reads that they ‘own and operate’ Latele Novela network.”
     Then comes a new section of the complaint, headed: Additional Detrimental Acts Creating Damage.
     “Upon information and belief, and 100 percent without the plaintiffs’ knowledge and consent, Mohler has been trading with our nation’s enemy, Cuba.
     “In a recent publication, Mohler, while visiting Havana, announced that he ‘intends to … open up an office in Havana during the third trimester in 2012.’ He further expressed employing locals and furthering business interests on the island,” the complaint states. (Ellipsis in complaint.)
     Dreamhouse wants its agreement with Olympusat enforced, an accounting, declaratory judgment and damages for breach of contract.
     It is represented by Albert Piantini of Coral Gables.

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