Sneaky Gas Company Cheats, Class Claims

     CHICAGO (CN) – Nicor Gas Co. fraudulently bills customers by using estimates rather than reading the meters, a class action claims in Cook County Court. The class claims Nicor compounds the fraud by underestimating use when gas is cheap, then reading the meters when gas is expensive, and making up for the underestimates by billing at the higher rate.

     The named plaintiff claims Nicor underbilled him for months through estimates, when the base price was 65 to 87 cents per therm. In those months, his bills were for $45, $58 and $71. Then the price rose to 99 cents per therm, he says, and Nicor whacked him with a monthly bill of $434.
     Plaintiffs are represented by Michael Moody with O’Rourke & Moody, and by Touhy & Touhy.

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