Small Chemical Plants|Get Emission Standards

     WASHINGTON (CN) – The Environmental Protection Agency has issued national emission standards to control hazardous air pollutants in smaller chemical manufacturing plants.
The chemical plants covered by the standards are broken into nine categories: Agricultural Chemicals and Pesticides Manufacturing, Cyclic Crude and Intermediate Production, Industrial Inorganic Chemical Manufacturing, Industrial Organic Chemical Manufacturing, Inorganic Pigments Manufacturing, Miscellaneous Organic Chemical Manufacturing, Plastic Materials and Resins Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Production, and Synthetic Rubber Manufacturing.
     This rule establishes emission standards in the form of management practices for each chemical manufacturing process unit as well as emission limits for certain subcategories of process vents and storage tanks. The rule also establishes management practices and other emission reduction requirements for subcategories of wastewater systems and heat exchange systems.
     Click the document icon for this and other regulations.

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