Sick Monkeys Ruined Her, Woman Says

     CHESAPEAKE (CN) – A mobile petting zoo claims Amazing Exotics Education Center, of Florida, put it out of business by selling it 12 capuchin monkeys, at least two of which had tuberculosis. Plaintiff claims that Amazing Exotics fraudulently acquired health certificates for the animals.

     Plaintiffs Spellbound and Gayle O’Neal say that when the animals’ illness became apparent, the state quarantined it, “effectively put O’Neal out of business.”
     Spellbound says it paid $46,350 for the 12 monkeys, all of which were supposed to be pregnant, but none of which actually were.
     Capuchin monkeys acquired their name because their coloring looks like the cowls worn by medieval monks of the Franciscans’ Capuchin order.
     Spellbound is represented in Chesapeake City Court by Bryan Meals of Norfolk.

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