Sherman Alexie Can Testify At Trial|Challenging Sonics’ Move To Oklahoma

     SEATTLE (CN) – Author Sherman Alexie can testify in a trial in which the City of Seattle challenges the Supersonics’ move to Oklahoma City, but radio host Mitch Levy will be barred from the witness list. U.S. District Court Judge Marsha Pechman denied the Sonics’ motion to exclude testimony by Alexie, finding that his opinion “is relevant to the issues being litigated.”

     Alexie, a popular novelist and short story writer who recently began writing a “Sonics Death Watch” column, will testify on behalf of the NBA team’s season ticket-holders.
     Levy was chosen to provide evidence about the Sonics’ fan base and media access to players, but Judge Pechman found that he was disclosed as a potential witness after the discovery deadline.
     In trying to bar Alexie’s testimony, the Sonics’ motion stated that Alexie would “probably enjoy testifying” to “fuel the growing media circus,” but claimed he had no relevant knowledge to contribute. The motion cited several excerpts from Alexie’s “Sonics Death Watch” column, including this one: “Triple Jesus, I am a leftist bastard who hopes that some wealthy right-wing local bastards buy the Sonics from those white right-wing Oklahoma bastards and keep the team in Seattle.”
     The trial is to begin here on June 16.

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