Shareholders Class Actions

     Get in line. Shareholders have sued Countrywide Financial Corp., its CEO Angelo Mozilo and others on behalf of anyone who bought “7% Capital Securities of Countrywide Capital V” based on false and misleading statements in Countrywide’s registration statement and prospectus, in Los Angeles Federal Court.

     Shareholders claim Morgan Stanley and others, as directors of Lehman Bros., defrauded shareholders by wasting, diverting and misappropriating corporate assets. Also sued in Manhattan Federal Court are John Mack, Zoe Cruz, Eileen Murray, Gary Lynch, Thomas Nides, Thomas Daula, Colm Kelleher, Laura Tyson, C. Robert Kidder, Roy Bostock, Erskine Bowles, Howard Davies, Donald Nicolaisen, Charles Noski, Hutham Olayan, Charles Phillips, O’Griffith Sexton, Klaus Zumwinkel, and David Sidwell.

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