Shareholder Class Actions

     Shareholders accuse Isilon Systems of lying in its prospectus for an IPO. Also sued in Seattle Federal Court are William Ruckelshaus, Steven Goldman, Sujal Patel, Stuart Fuhlendorf, Elliott Jurgensen Jr., Barry Fidelman, Gregory McAdoo, Matthew McIlwain, James Richardson, Morgan Stanley & Co. Inc., Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner & Smith, Needham & Company LLC, and RBC Capital Markets Corp.

     Shareholders accuse Puget Energy Inc. of selling itself for a grossly inadequate $0 per share. Also sued in King County Court, Seattle, are Stephen Reynolds, William Ayer, Phyllis Campbell, Craig Cole, Stephen Frank, Tomio Moriguchi, Kenneth Mortimer, Sally Narodik, Herbert Simon, and George Watson.
     Wellcare Health Plans, Todd Farha and Paul Behrens are accused of inflating Wellcare stock price by lying, in Tampa Federal Court.

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