Shareholder Class Actions

     Shareholders accuse Goodman Global Inc. of unjustly enriching themselves by selling the company to Hellman and Friedman too cheaply, without disclosing terms to shareholders, and of unjustly enriching corporate insiders by repeatedly flipping the company from public to private, in Harris County Court, Houston.

     Washington Mutual and its directors published false and misleading information to inflate share price, shareholders claim. They also sue John F. Woods, James B. Corcoran, Thomas W. Casey, Stephen Rotella, and Kerry K. Killinger, in Seattle Federal Court.
     First Consulting Group directors are selling the company for a grossly inadequate price, shareholders claim in Los Angeles Superior Court. They also sue Ronald Aprahamian, Douglas Bergeron, Michael Downey, Robert Funari, Larry Ferguson, F. Richard Nichol, and Cora Tellez.
     Conquest Drilling and its directors, Rod Riley and Maureen Riley, engaged in deal-dealing and concealed records, shareholders claim in Licking County Court, Newark, Ohio.

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