Shareholder Class Action

     Dan Duncan, a Houston oil billionaire and controlling shareholder of Enterprise GP Holdings, is making Enterprise buy the assets of his affiliates for millions of dollars more than they are worth, according to a derivative complaint in Delaware Chancery Court.
Also sued are EPE Holdings LLC, Enterprise GP LLC;, EPCO Inc., Duncan Family Interests Inc., DFI GP Holdings LP, Dan Duncan, Michael Creel, Richard Bachman, Randall Fowler, Randa Williams, O.S. Andrs, Charles McMahen, Edwin Smith, and Thurmon Andress.
     Shareholders accuse Isolagen and its directors of inflating share price through false and misleading statements, in Philadelphia Federal Court. Also sued are Michael Macaluso, Michael Avignon, Robert Bitterman, Olga Marko, Jeffrey Tomz, Martin Schmieg, Frank Delape, Steven Morrell, Henry Tol, Ralph Demartino, Marshall Webb, and Susan Ciallella.

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