Shareholder Class Action

     Shareholders accuse Nomura Securities International, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and others of cheating them through false and misleading statements about Nomura Asset Acceptance Corp.’s Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, in Suffolk County Court, Boston.

     Shareholders claim Intel Corp. cost them millions of dollars by its attempted monopolization of the semiconductor market, and the multiple lawsuits it engendered, in Delaware Federal Court.
     William Hazelett is squeezing out minority shareholders in Hazelett Strip-Casting Corp. with an unfair, cheap 400-to-1 reverse stock split, to cement his hold on the company, shareholder says in a class-action complaint in Delaware Chancery Court. Also sued are Stave Island LP, David Hazelett, Raymond Clavelle Jr., Craig Snyder, and Richard Hayden.
     Shareholders demand $91 million from Broadcaster Inc., alleging waste, diversion and misappropriation of corporate assets. Also sued in Manhattan Federal Court are Nolan Quan, Martin Wade, Blair Mills, Richard Berman, Andrew Garroni, Jason Brazell, Robert Gould, Sanger Robinson, Alchemy Communications, Frostham Marketing, Pacificon International, Longview Media, Access Media Networks, Alchemy F/X, Innovative Networks, Binary Source, Broadcaster LLC, Transglobal Media LLC, Software People LLC, and Access Media Technologies LLC.

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