SF Warns McDonald’s in Haight-Ashbury

           SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – Drug dealers are using a McDonald’s in Haight-Ashbury to bring back the drug-riddled 1960s, San Francisco’s city attorney warned the restaurant chain.
     “In the last six months the police have recovered more than 100 doses of LSD, over two pounds of marijuana, 88.5 grams of psilocybin (psychedelic mushrooms), more than half of a pound of marijuana edibles, and hashish from drug dealers selling their products on your property,” City Attorney Dennis Herrera warned McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook in a May 12 letter.
     Herrera attached the draft of a lawsuit he has not filed yet, but said he will file unless McDonald’s cleans up its act at its 730 Stanyan St. outlet.
     Herrera said city police have received nearly 1,100 calls about the property since 2012. In addition to the drugs, there have been reports of 32 fights, two dog attacks and eight car burglaries, Herrera said.
     “No other business in the area has generated nearly the same number of calls for service to SFPD. We firmly believe that, in its current condition, your property threatens the health and safety of the surrounding neighborhood,” Herrera wrote to Easterbrook, at McDonald’s corporate headquarters in Oak Park, Ill.
     Herrera pointed out that the restaurant is near Golden Gate Park, a playground, senior citizen housing and several schools and daycare centers.
     Herrera asked Easterbrook to contact him by May 18 to schedule a meeting on how to resolve the problem.
     Betty Lin, who became franchisee of the Haight-Ashbury McDonald’s two years ago, said she has had “regular communication” with police and city officials, and met with them a few months ago to discuss safety.
     “I was not made aware of the claimed drug issues, however I will continue to work diligently with the city and officials to make the restaurant a safe and enjoyable place for my customers,” Lin said in a statement.
     The City Attorney’s Office did not return requests for comment Thursday.
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