Serial Plaintiff Can Appeal on His Own Dime

     WASHINGTON (CN) – A man with a penchant for suing judges, government officials, the United Nations – even the Declaration of Independence and Black’s Law Dictionary – will have to pay for his own appeals from now on, the D.C. Circuit ruled.

     Tyrone Hunt did not pay filing fees for his 44 lawsuits. In some of those suits, he sought to have state supreme courts, the Cabinet, and the Secret Service declared unconstitutional.
     His claims are always dismissed as meritless, leaving Hunt without the trillions of dollars he seeks in damages.
     He has always been able to file without paying, but the court said Hunt must start paying for the appeals.
     “If Hunt wishes to continue wasting this court’s time by appealing dismissals of his absurd and frivolous claims,” the judges ruled, “he should have to do it on his own dime.”

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