SEC Accuses|Little Inside Traders

MANHATTAN (CN) – Inside traders made $67,700 from inside information about The Doctors Company’s acquisition of American Physicians Capital, the SEC claims in court.
     The SEC sued John Anthony Stilwell, Dr. Michael Curtis Moore and Jillian Margaret Murphy on inside-trading charges Tuesday, in Federal Court.
     Stilwell, 50, of New York City, worked for an unregistered investment advisory firm owned by his brother, the SEC says. The brother also was a member of American Physicians Capital’s board of directors.
     Dr. Moore, 65, of Black Forest, Colo., was a friend of Stilwell’s.
     Murphy, 43, of Denver, was Stilwell’s sister in law.
     Stilwell tipped Moore and Murphy, both of whom traded on the information, and both of whom tipped one other person who traded on it, the SEC claims.
     It seeks penalties, disgorgement and injunctions.

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