Samsung Owes $1B for Breaching Apple Patents to Produce Galaxy

     SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – After just 21 hours of deliberations, the jury ordered Samsung to pay Apple more than $1 billion in damages for copying several patents to produce its Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets.
     CNET’s Josh Lowenstein is reporting that the nine-person jury found that some, but not all, of the Galaxy smartphones and tablets willfully infringed five of six Apple patents.
     These patents include the bounce-back and double-tap screen features as well as design elements.
     The jury also decided that Samsung violated Apple’s registered trade dress for the iPhone and iPad, but only found dilution with some of the South Korean company’s products.
     The jury also found that Samsung had violated antitrust laws by “monopolizing one or more technology markets related to the UMTS standard,” a charge Samsung also tried to levy against Apple and failed.
     The jury denied Samsung’s countersuit claims that Apple infringed its 3G technology and rejected Samsung’s own antitrust claims against Apple.
     U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh reportedly recessed after the jury read its findings to let both sides review the 22-page, 700-question verdict form for errors.
     Koh also discovered what she called “inconsistencies” in the damages portion of the verdict form, and has asked the jury to return to the deliberating room to clarify.
     Earlier today, a South Korean court decided that both companies ripped off the other’s patents, but that Samsung did not copy the iPhone. The panel of judges ordered Samsung to pay Apple $22,000, while Apple must pay nearly double that to Samsung.
     Samsung is expected to appeal the jury’s decision.

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