Ron Burkle Loses|His $400,000 Porsche

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Billionaire Ron Burkle sued Beverly Hills Porsche, claiming the dealer let someone steal his 1997 model 911 Turbo S after he took it in for maintenance.
     Burkle claims the car, one of fewer than 200 such models in the United States, is worth more than $400,000.
     He claims Beverly Hills Porsche left it outside over the weekend of May 17 to 19, “which was not a normal or typical thing for defendants to do with an automobile of this value.”
     The car had 5,646 miles on it and the dealer estimated the service call would cost $2,045, Burkle says in the complaint in Superior Court.
     He calls the car “extremely rare and valuable.” The complaint does not say what color it is.
     He seeks at least $400,000, and costs.
     He is represented by S. Jerome Mandel with Mandel Norwood & Grant.
     The two-door, rear-engine 911 S is the flagship Porsche.
     Motor Trend’s former editor Angus MacKenzie wrote in the latest edition of the magazine that the engine is in the wrong place – a claim he has made for years. But MacKenzie still loves the Porsche.
     Burkle, 60, has a wide range of business interests, including the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team, Pathmark grocery stores, and Yucaipa Cos., an investment firm.

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