‘Rock Band’ Controller Leaves|Video Gamers Feeling Cheated

     SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – Disappointed video gamers claim the makers of “Rock Band” knew PS3 owners would not be able to play the competitor to “Guitar Hero” with four players, but marketed it as if it would. more

     The federal class-action lawsuit claims Harmonix Music Systems did not get permission from the makers of “Guitar Hero II” to use their stand-alone guitar controller, though they developed a software patch that would make it possible, leaving customers in the lurch.
     Harmonix did not make its own guitar controller, and its “Rock Band” game came with only one, the suit states.
     Lead plaintiff Michael Antonelli claims “Rock Band” was specifically marketed for four players – a drummer, a vocalist and two guitarists – to play together like an actual rock band. He also claims that many controllers sold with the game were defective, having a problem with the “strum bar” of the guitar, which the manufacturers have acknowledged.
     Represented by Steven Tindall with Rukin, Hyland, Doria & Tindall, the class demands punitive damages from Harmonix, Viacom and Electronic Arts, and an injunction stopping the false marketing campaign.

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