Restaurant Worker Claims Katt Williams Struck Him With Salt Shaker

ATLANTA (CN) – An Atlanta restaurant worker sued Katt Williams Thursday claiming the comedian struck him in the face with a salt shaker after becoming annoyed that he was to wait for a table.

In a four-page complaint filed in Fulton County Superior Court, plaintiff Kevin Oliveira says Williams, whose given name is Micah Sierra, arrived at the Spondivits Restaurant with a party of other individuals and was told he be seated “a soon as space became available.”

Oliveira, the greeter at the restaurant, claims Williams immediately became irate and “without provocation intentionally threw a glass salt shaker, which struck him in the mouth and lip, causing injury.

He says he was then transported by ambulance to the Atlanta Medical Center, where it took ten stitches to close his wound.

Oliveira, who is represented by Rickey Richardson of Atlanta, says his injuries caused him a loss of income and he has incurred numerous medical bills as a result of the incident. He is seeking punitive damages.

A representative for Kat Williams could not immediately be reached for comment.

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