Rebate Specialists Cheated, FTC Says

     SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – Market Development Specialists and its president John Levy offered rebates of $20 to $150 on computer goods, but won’t pay the money, the FTC claims in Federal Court. It claims Indiana-based Market Development, also dba Wintergreen Systems, did this despite a 2006 voluntary compliance agreement with Indiana.

     MDS resells computer products and distributes them through Office Depot, PC Connection, and elsewhere, the FTC says. It claims “defendants failed to mail rebate checks to the vast majority of consumers who submitted valid requests for rebates. As a result, thousands of consumers never received a rebate check from defendants. Moreover, those minority of consumers who actually received a rebate check from defendants experiences substantial delays, including delays of ten weeks or longer.”
     The FTC demands restitution, disgorgement, and an order telling the defendants not to do it again.

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