‘Reality’ Show Star Says Drunk Broke His Nose

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – A fashion designer who took second place on the fourth season of “Project Runway” claims a drunk man at a bar smashed him in the face with a beer bottle, breaking his nose, and pounded him repeatedly in the face before the bar’s bouncers intervened. Rami Kashou sued the bar and the man who allegedly attacked him, in Superior Court.

     Kashou claims his face was lacerated by the beer bottle when Arturo Trejo-Perez attacked him at The Abbey Food and Bar in West Hollywood. Kashou also sued the bar’s owner, SBC Entertainment Group.
     Kashou says Trejo was sitting at a table with three women who recognized him from “Project Runway,” and “expressed admiration for his efforts on the show.”
     Trejo, however, “twice directed the slur ‘who the fuck are you?’ towards him,” Kashou says.
     Kashou says he tried to defuse the situation “by quipping, ‘I’m nobody, I’m just the waiter,'” to which Trejo responded, “Then go and get me a fucking beer.”
     Kashou says Trejo was “visibly intoxicated,” and followed him to his private table. There, Kashou says, Trejo shouted repeatedly, “Did you even fucking win?” Then Trejo poured his beer bottle over Kashou’s head, “while simultaneously saying, ‘You are nothing but a lowlife has-been reality show loser,” according to the complaint.
     The bar’s security did nothing all this time, Kashou says. Trejo then smashed him in the face with the beer bottle, breaking his nose and lacerating his face, and “repeatedly punched Kashou in the face before both knocked over a table. Only at this point did The Abbey’s security personnel intervene,” according to the complaint. Kashou says he was taken to a hospital for emergency treatment. He demands punitive damages for assault and battery and gross negligence. He is represented by Michael Hanna of Fountain Valley.

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