Reality Show Cast Member Is Outraged

     DALLAS (CN) – A cast member of the Style Network “reality” TV show “Big Rich Texas” claims in court that a jealous Dallas socialite who was not cast in the show and a fellow cast member defamed her, falsely calling her a stripper and a drunk who services old men.
     Pamela Martin Duarte sued Dena Miller, Merritt Patterson and Bonnie Blossman Myer, in Dallas County Court on Monday. Patterson was later dropped as a defendant in an amended complaint filed Wednesday afternoon. Patterson used to write episode summaries of the show for D Magazine, according to the magazine.
     Duarte says in her complaint that the network came to Texas last year to find five successful, attractive women and their daughters to participate in the reality show “Big Rich Texas.” In its second season, the show follows the cast at an exclusive country club during the summer.
     Duarte describes herself in the complaint as “a devoted wife and mother … a successful business woman … a global marketing executive, an accomplished fiction author, and a popular cast member of the reality television show ‘Big Rich Texas.'”
     The network and show producers are not parties to the complaint.
     Duarte’s chatty 8-page complaint claims that Miller, of Dallas, “aka ‘Queen Bee Dana’ … is a former L.A. rock groupie who married Vaughn Miller, the grandson of real estate magnate Henry S. Miller, Miller, a narcissist who touts herself as one of the ‘Who’s Who of Dallas’ inner elite circle, thought she was a shoe-in to be on the show.”
     The complaint continues: “Unfortunately for Miller, the show’s producers decided to not cast her in the show. Miller was enraged over the fact that ‘Big Rich Texas’ did not cast her. In retaliation for getting left off of the show, Miller has set her sights on destroying Pam’s reputation.”
     “Miller and her cohort Blossman, who is a ‘Big Rich Texas’ cast member but also jealous of Pam’s success, have engaged in a cyber-bullying campaign to defame Pam by maliciously and falsely accusing Pam of, among other things, being: 1) a former stripper; 2) a drunk who pays her bills by servicing old men and stealing credit cards; 3) a sociopath; 4) a pathological liar; 5)a criminal; 6) a gold digger; and 7) a drunken barfly.”
     As if that were not enough, Duarte claims, “(T)hey have also contacted various members of the media, the Style Network, Fly on the Wall producers, and other third parties for the purpose of damaging Pam’s reputation and interfering with her business and personal relationships. The defendants’ statements about Pam are baseless and completely false.”
     Hours after Courthouse News first reported the lawsuit Wednesday morning, Miller told CNS that it was “a story full of lies.”
     Duarte seeks punitive damages for business disparagement, defamation, libel, slander, tortious interference with contract and prospective business relations and civil conspiracy.
     She is represented by Lawrence Friedman with Friedman & Feiger.

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