Rap Label Accused of Sexual Battery

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – The rapper Tyga tricked a young waitress into getting drunk and exposing her breasts in a music video, during which she was groped by a man in a yellow rabbit costume, the woman claims in court.
     Allison Brown sued Young Money Entertainment, Tyga Music, Cash Money Records and Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson pka Tyga, in Superior Court.
     Tyga signed with Young Money Entertainment in 2007 and released his album “Careless World: Rise of the Last King” in 2012.
     Brown is the fourth woman to sue Tyga in connection with his “Make It Nasty” music video. Three actresses sued earlier this year, claiming they were falsely told that no nudity would be revealed in the video.
     Brown claims she and the other women were victimized by the defendants’ “intricate, premeditated plan to trick and coerce young and impressionable under-age women to pose nude in a music video” in order to “reduce the cost of producing their music video, and circumvent standard rates for actresses who are engaged to perform on camera-services with their intimate parts exposed.”
     Brown, then 20, claims she was approached at work in November 2011 by a man who identified himself as Aaron and claimed to have a close relationship with Tyga. Aaron told her she had a “good look” for a Tyga music video that was to be shot the next day, Brown says in the complaint.
     “Ms. Brown inquired whether there would be nudity in the video, and Aaron assured her that there would be none. Relying on these representations, Ms. Brown accepted Aaron’s offer to have a part in the video,” the complaint states.
     Brown claims she went to a Hollywood mansion for the shoot, where she and other girls were asked to wait in a room equipped with a bar area. A bartender offered them hard alcohol without inquiring about their ages, Brown says in the complaint.
     She claims she and the other girls “were encouraged to drink, free of charge, until further notice.”
     “After several hours of waiting and being served alcohol, Ms. Brown and the other girls were told that Tyga had arrived and that the ‘balloon scene’ was ready to be shot. Ms. Brown was escorted to a poorly lit, dungeon-like area of the house, which was filled with balloons and an inflatable adult doll resembling a naked female,” Brown says in the law suit.
     Filming began, with a shirtless Tyga as the centerpiece. The girls were asked to dance in a sexually suggestive manner around him, while his song “Make It Nasty” played in the background. During the filming, director Alex Nazari, who is not listed as a defendant, asked Brown to remove her top, according to the complaint.
     “Ms. Brown, still under the influence of alcohol, initially refused. As filming continued, defendants continued to pressure Ms. Brown, insisting that she would ‘look better’ with her breasts exposed, and reassuring her that her nipples would be ‘edited out.’ The director and crew then proceeded to compliment Ms. Brown on her breasts, and reiterated their promise to ensure that her nipples would be edited out if exposed. Ms. Brown refused again, indicating that she was not comfortable exposing her breasts on camera. Fully aware that Ms. Brown was under the influence of alcohol, defendants continued to pressure Ms. Brown until she was coerced to remove her top with the promise that her nipples would not be exposed,” Brown says in the complaint.
     After she took her top off, exposing her breasts, someone in a yellow rabbit costume began dancing with the women, and groped her, Brown says.
     “The mascot grabbed Ms. Brown from behind by the hips, and proceeded to thrust his/its waist forward so as to simulate sexual intercourse. Ms. Brown pulled away from the mascot, only to have her breast grabbed by another man who was engaged by defendants to appear in the video,” Brown claims
     After the shoot, Brown says, she tried to leave the mansion, but was stopped and asked to sign a release. She claims she signed the document while drunk and was told she would not be paid for her appearance in the video.
     “Ms. Brown quickly realized that she had been tricked and exploited. She felt used, abused and manipulated,” the lawsuit states. “Ms. Brown began suffering from the anxiety and embarrassment of knowing that her friends, family and the general public would discover the shameful images that were captured as a result of defendants’ manipulative tactics. Defendants’ plan to serve Ms. Brown (and the other young women) alcohol in order to lull her into performing topless while other men had free rein to grope and touch her had been executed.”
     Tyga’s assurances that Brown would not be shown nude were “nothing more than empty promises,” Brown says.
     An uncut or “dirty” version of the video was released in July 2012 and disseminated via the Internet. The cut version of the video also contained nude or partially nude footage of Brown, according to the complaint.
     Brown seeks punitive damages for sexual battery, misappropriation of likeness, invasion of privacy, fraud, negligent misrepresentation, unfair business practices and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
     She is represented by Arnold P. Peter of Beverly Hills.

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