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     OUR GOVERNMENT AT WORK. Have you ever wondered how there could be so many illegal immigrants living in the U. S. who don’t seem to get caught?
     If they’re really draining the economy and using up all our educational and medical government funds, shouldn’t they be easy to spot?
     Maybe not.
     This is from a U. S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruling called Rodriguez v. United States of America:
     “Before attempting to arrest Rodriguez-Wence at the Rodriguez family’s home on Piedmont Street in Oxnard, California, Thompson, the officer in charge of the operation, reviewed the file on Rodriguez-Wence…. The file contained two addresses for Rodriguez-Wence, neither of which was on Piedmont Street. In fact, the INS had over fifteen possible addresses for Rodriguez, none of which was on Piedmont Street.”
     So, naturally, the INS guys went to Piedmont Street.
     But wait, it gets better. When they got there, Maria Rodriguez came to the door.
     Said the ruling: “Thompson believed Maria was thirty or thirty-one years old, and Hoffman thought she was between thirty-five and fifty-five years old and had a ‘fairly slender, medium build.’ Based on the information available to the INS, Rodriguez-Wence, the target of the operation, was twenty-six years old, five feet tall, and 160 pounds.”
     They both, however, were human and had Rodriguez in their names.
     Those crafty illegals blend in too well.
     DOES THIS MAKE SENSE? What follows is from a press release issued by the American Civil Liberties Union. See if you can spot the logical problem:
     “Today nine American citizens sued the federal government, challenging the U. S. Department of State’s refusal to issue them passports….
     “The lawsuit charges that the State Department categorically questions the citizenship of virtually all midwife-delivered Mexican-Americans born in southern border states…. (E)ven after the applicants supply further proof of their citizenship, the Department responds by summarily closing their applications.”
     That’s right. The government – allegedly, anyway – makes the assumption that all those people aren’t legal citizens and responds by refusing to let them out of the country.
     That’ll teach them to enter illegally.
     DEPARTMENT OF IRONY. I’d just like to point out that the Village People sang a song called “In Hollywood (Everybody Is a Star).”
     I didn’t know this until the wife of the VP’s original lead singer sued the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to stop it from giving a sidewalk star to a group of Village People who aren’t the originals.
     Let the irony sink in.
     You’d think the Village People, an organization dedicated to the proposition that bouncy men from many very different walks of life can work together, could, well, work together with others.
     But, no. According to the suit, the currently-performing (but not recording) version of the Village People doesn’t want to share publicity with the original VP.
     And you probably thought those guys couldn’t reproduce….
     WHAT’S IN A NAME? You never know what someone is going think is an insult.
     A trio of women have sued G4 Media, Inc. for allegedly videotaping them in a nightclub without consent and using the tape on TV.
     Said the suit: “Defendant G4’s segment of the ‘The Great Cougar Hunt’ portrayed plaintiffs as ‘older women’ who were attempting to pick up younger men….
     “These assertions were all false and defamatory and portrayed plaintiffs in a false light…. In fact, plaintiffs do not date younger men at all.”
     They’re old hags and they’re proud of it.

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