Publishers Demand Damages For Report|Released 3 Minutes Ahead Of Time

     CHICAGO (CN) – In an Internet age complaint, the publishers of the monthly “Chicago Business Barometer” claim Trade the News Inc. released their copyrighted report 3 minutes early, damaging them economically and harming their business relationships.

     Kingsbury International and the National Association of Purchasing Management Chicago say they distribute their report on the last business day of each month at 8:42 a.m. Subscribers agree not to release it until 8:45 a.m.
     They claim Trade the News released the May 2007 report “within seconds” or receiving it, intentionally violating copyright and economically damaging the publishers.
     “Private subscribers who paid Kingsbury complained that they received the same pre-release copyrighted material through TTN before the public distribution of the copyrighted work, without payment of Kingsbury’s subscription fees.”
     Plaintiffs demand exemplary damages, fees, costs and an injunction. They are represented in Federal Court by Donald Spak.

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