Producer of Farrah Fawcett Documentary Claims Ryan O’Neal Horned In on Ill Actress

      LOS ANGELES (CN) – The co-producer of a documentary about Farrah Fawcett’s struggle with cancer says Fawcett’s former boyfriend, Ryan O’Neal, conspired with Fawcett’s business manager to use her worsening health to wrest control of the documentary – precisely what Fawcett was trying to avoid.

     Craig Nevius claims he and Fawcett formed Sweetened by Risk LLC to make the documentary, “A Wing and a Prayer,” based on her home videos. Nevius claims Fawcett specifically asked him to keep O’Neal from taking over production if she got too sick to make decisions herself. She asked Nevius to take over if she became unable to run the show, according to the complaint.
     Fawcett, Nevius and NBC agreed that the airdate “would be mutually agreed upon.”
     Fawcett is manager and chief executive officer of Sweetened by Risk, while Nevius says he is co-owner and co-manager. Alana Stewart was supposed to shoot the home videos of Fawcett and pass them on to Nevius. O’Neal and Richard Francis, business manager for both Fawcett and O’Neal, have no part in the company, Nevius claims.
     According to the complaint, Fawcett’s list of “requirements” for the documentary included: “that it not have ‘talking heads’ reminiscing about Ms. Fawcett in the past tense, that it not be about Ms. Fawcett’s relationship with O’Neal, that O’Neal not be a producer on the program, and that Stewart receive a ‘co-producer’ credit on the program.”
     Fawcett took a turn for the worse in March. By April, her condition had declined so much she was unable to continue work on the documentary, the lawsuit states. That’s when Stewart allegedly refused to hand over the footage she had taken, demanding that Nevius double her pay and credit her as a full producer.
     Meanwhile, O’Neal and Francis allegedly claimed the right to run Sweetened by Risk, hijacking negotiations with NBC. The show was scheduled to air in April.
     Francis and O’Neal also allegedly threatened Nevius with violence and refuse to let him communicate with Fawcett.
     Nevius seeks damages from O’Neal, Francis and Stewart, alleging interference with contract. He also wants a declaration that he has the sole right to run Sweetened and produce the documentary. He is represented in Superior Court by Miles Feldman with Liner Grode.

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