Pro-Lifers Lose Appeal Over Stem Cell Act

     TRENTON, N.J. (CN) – The New Jersey Appellate Court dismissed an anti-abortion group’s claim that a ballot statement seeking voter approval of the New Jersey Stem Cell Research Bond Act is unbalanced and biased.

    The New Jersey Right to Life Committee said the statement inadequately describes the question being asked voters in the upcoming Nov. 6 election because it fails to inform voters that the proposed research will be done on human embryos, makes no reference to human cloning and fails to warn voters about the health risks of human egg donation, among other omissions.
    Judge Fisher said any failure to include moral and religious arguments was driven by space, not bias. All angles “cannot be surmised in an interpretive statement that would be both fair, balanced and still fit within the four corners of a ballot,” Fisher wrote. See ruling in McKenzie v. Corrine.

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