Pregnant Woman Alleges Callous Casino Firing

     ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (CN) – The Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino kept an employee from going to the hospital while she was miscarrying and later fired her, she claims in court.
     Phyllis Davis says she was nearly four months on the job, and eight-weeks pregnant, in late June 2015 when doctors informed her she was miscarrying.
     “Trying her best to work through her medical situation, Ms. Davis reported to work on July 4, 2015,” according to the complaint filed on Sept. 11 in Atlantic County Superior Court.
     Though Davis had gone to work the day before as well, she says she had to leave early because she was in severe pain and bleeding.
     Davis worked at the casino’s 24 Karat Club, primarily as a meet-and-greeter for high rollers.
     Rachel London, an attorney for Davis with the firm Wall and London in Haddonfield, says her client began to bleed again at work on July 4, while checking the cards of 24 Karat members at the club’s podium.
     Though Davis told her supervisors she needed to be relieved, nobody came and the 45-year-old plaintiff eventually called her daughter to take her to hospital.
     With Davis “crying and holding her abdomen,” security soon brought the woman a wheelchair and began wheeling her downstairs to her daughter, according to the complaint.
     “Suddenly,” however, the woman was taken on a detour to security.
     In the office, the director of security said, “I’m sorry you’re going through this but we have a few questions,” according to the complaint.
     Davis says security personnel and Golden Nugget director of marketing Korin Benhoma, also a named defendant in the case, then allegedly showed Davis video footage from the night.
     Accusing Davis of her accepting a tip, violating company policy, the company then tried to force her to sign a discipline form, according to the complaint.
     Because she was in a wheelchair, Davis says she could not leave the office.
     Attorney London noted in an interview that the casino ultimately detained Davis for 20 minutes before letting her leave and go to the hospital, where she miscarried.
     That same day Davis says she was suspended pending an investigation, and three days later she was fired.
     Davis seeks damages for retaliation and false imprisonment.
     “They were looking for a reason to get rid of her after she called out,” London said in an interview.
     The attorney added that the Golden Nugget’s no-tip policy is not clear, especially in cases where a customer insists an employee accept it.
     Elizabeth Traub, who is the spokeswoman for Golden Nugget in Atlantic City, has not returned a request for comment.

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