Prank Website Hit With $600K Suit Over Glitter Bomb

QUEENS, N.Y. (CN) — The pranking website lived up to its name, a Maryland woman claims in court, saying she opened a package from what she thought was Amazon only to get hit in the face with spring-loaded glitter.

This still is taken from the Glitter Bomb product page on the website

Seeking more than $600,000 in damages, Katherine Van Den Huevel says the explosion struck her in the eyes, nose and mouth and also caused damage to her computer.

“The Glitter Bomb deployed, as advertised and intended, [and] millions of tiny, statically charged particles became lodged on and in Van Der Heuvel’s laptop,” the June 27 complaint states.

“Van Der Heuvel was shocked and scared by the explosion of small metallic projectiles contained in the Glitter Bomb and believed that she was about to be touched by these offensive projectiles in a harmful and offensive manner,” the complaint continues.

Though the plaintiff lives in Maryland, she says the operator of is R&D Promos LLC, which is headquartered in Oakland Gardens, Queens.

Jackson Lewis attorney Michael Abitabilo filed the complaint against R&D in Queens County Supreme Court. He declined to comment. Representatives for meanwhile did not respond to a request for comment.

Van Der Heuvel notes that the package from R&D arrived at her door on June 13, 2008., based in Queens, NY, allows customers to anonymously send glitter bombs, boxes of sand, bags of dirt and many more self-described “annoying” pranks to anyone.

The site prides itself on ruining the day of package recipients, suggesting customers to send the pranks to their boss, an ex-partner or a noisy neighbor.

“We at believe that anyone that has ever wronged you should pay. We discreetly and 100% anonymously package the most annoying things possible to receive through mail, and ship them to your worst enemies, in an effort to ruin their day,” the website states.

Van Der Heuvel makes no mention of who she suspects sent her the glitter bomb.

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