Poor Engineering Blamed For $40M Flood

     ALEXANDRIA, VA. (CN) – Owners of 71 homes demand $40 million from Fairfax County and the State of Virginia, claiming they disastrously filled in wetlands to build the DC Beltway, causing a flood and sewer catastrophe that ruined their homes in June 2006.

     The plaintiffs live in the Huntington Subdivision in Fairfax County, near Alexandria, on the south bank of Cameron Run (river). They say the ill-considered filling-in of marshlands and poor engineering exacerbated the flood on June25, 2006.
     Cameron Run, normally 1 foot deep, rose to almost 14 feet that night, and then, “blocked on the north by the concrete mass of I-495, the Washington Beltway, overwhelmed the southern bank of the Run and engulfed much of the Huntington neighborhood.” Sewage water backed up “and completely filled the basements of many homes right up to the first floor with sewage-laced water,” the complaint states. This caused property damage and also revealed the subdivision as flood-prone, permanently reducing the property value of all the homes there, the plaintiffs say.
     They are represented in Fairfax County Court by the Dominion Law Center of Lake Ridge, Va., and Cuneo, Gilbert & LaDuca of Washington, D.C.

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