Political Violence

     I am so impressed that Republicans shut down the government for two weeks!
     Way to go, Party of Business!
     Keep screwing with people’s paychecks to bring people to your side!
     Only – forgive me for suggesting this – perhaps you should read Che Guevara’s book, “Guerrilla Warfare,” before you resort to violence again.
     Che wrote that any act of violence that needs to be explained is pointless. And counterproductive.
     It is violence – it is damn close to terrorism – for members of Congress to take paychecks away from millions of citizens because the congressmen are afraid of losing their own fat paychecks to challengers from the even wackier right wing.
     Let’s review a bit of Che’s book, which, by the way, the Pentagon used in its own classes for years, to study guerrilla warfare. It’s a hard book to come by today, but well worth reading.
     Che wrote that an act of violence against an ammunition plant would not need explanation. The violence explains itself.
     An attack on a soft-drink factory would need to be explained.
     But even if an attack on Coca-Cola could be explained, Che said, the attack would be pointless. It would do the attackers more harm than good, no matter how it turned out.
     Repeat with me, members of Congress: Any act of violence that needs to be explained is pointless, and counterproductive.
     All we’ve heard about from Republicans for close to three weeks now are explanations about what they thought they were doing in shutting down the government, hurting not just federal workers, but millions of people whose jobs depend upon federal contracts.
     Whether the Republicans’ explanations made sense or not is actually beside the point: the very fact that the violence needed to be explained made it inadvisable.
     The 16-day shutdown cost the country at least $24 billion – $1.5 billion a day – Standard & Poor’s estimated this week. That’s a loss of about 0.6 percent in fourth-quarter growth in gross domestic production.
     Moody’s Analytics estimated the hit at $23 billion.
     And why did this happen?
     It happened so gloryhound Ted Cruz could shove himself into the next race for president.
     The shutdown was, in essence, a very expensive form of political self-insurance for Republican congressman, whose $24 billion in premiums were paid by the citizens of the United States.
     Rather ironic, as the excuse the Republicans used throughout was that they were trying to stop a supposedly “disastrous” law that will bring millions of Americans health insurance.
     It’s a wild and wacky world, isn’t, it Congress?
     But let me remind you, Republicans, that Che won!
     That’s right!
     He conquered Cuba, just 90 miles from Miami!
     How did he do it? He did it because he had a few particles of brain, and he knew something about political violence.

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