Political Influence Alleged in Cop Shop

     JERSEY CITY – (CN) A Union City police officer claims the city promotes officers promoted based on who donates to certain local politicians’ campaigns. Terence Gordon says that “promotions were obviously made within the department in conformance with political contributions made by the respective officers.”

     In his complaint in Hudson County Court, Gordon claims that local politicians harassed cops for donations by “the repeated mailing of donation tickets to officers.” Gordon says that within the Police Department, it “was well known that those who contributed enough received preferred assignments such as the detective division.” Gordon says he repeatedly refused to donate and therefore was denied promotions.
     Gordon says he took a sergeant’s exam in 2005 in which he placed sixth, but was bypassed in the Table of Organization, which determines police promotions. He claims city officials told him they could not promote him because Union City was “denoted a distressed city by the Department of Community Affairs and that Trenton would not allow [them] to promote him.”
     He also claims he was retaliated against for voicing his concerns about “activity which he reasonably believed was illegal.”
     Gordon demands punitive damages, promotion to sergeant, expungement of his record, costs and an injunction. He is represented by Patrick Toscano of Caldwell, N.J.

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