Police Chief Says He Was Fired|For Serving In Iraq & Afghanistan

     PORTLAND, ORE. (CN) – The former police chief of Sherwood, Ore., says the city manager fired him because he “deserted” the city to fight with the Army Reserves in Iraq and Afghanistan.

     William Middleton claims he was called up twice and sent overseas, in 2002 and 2005. He says City Manager Ross Schultz told him that “to resume his position as Chief of Police upon return from Afghanistan, he would ‘need to quit the Reserves.'”
     Middleton says Schultz offered his job to other people while he was deployed and tried to get him to sign a document releasing the city from claims of military bias.
     In his federal complaint, Middleton says Schultz accused him, to third parties, of “ripping the city off” by serving in the military; of “taking advantage of the city;” that he had “better not go back for a second tour;” that he “doesn’t need to take these (military) assignments, he chooses to;” and that Middleton “has deserted” the city.
     Middleton says Schultz fired him 6 months after he returned from his second deployment.
     He demands lost wages and punitive damages for emotional distress.
     He is represented by Michael Kelley with Haglund, Kelley, Horngren.

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