Pills Made Her Do It, Woman Says

     LAS VEGAS (CN) – A woman says a psychiatrist gave her so many drugs she went into a paranoid state, threatened union officials at work and found herself in prison.

     Lori Irish says Dr. Corydon Clark, who was treating her son for a number of years, diagnosed her with Asperger’s syndrome within 10 minutes of a casual conversation. Clark then prescribed several drugs, including Prozac, Dalmane, Sonata, Lexapro, Concerta, Focalin, Cymbalta, Seroquel, Risperdal and Zolof, according to her lawsuit in Clark County Court.
     Irish says Clark never had a plan for treating her alleged Asperger’s syndrome and never charged her for the pills.
     Irish says the drugs caused her to become paranoid: she began to believe people were plotting against her and trying to destroy her business. She says she also suffered from insomnia, impulsivity and rigidity.
     Irish says that in this altered states she became embroiled with labor disputes with union representatives.
     “Because of these increasing distortions, emotionality and paranoid ideation … Irish threatened union officials,” the lawsuit states.
     Federal charges were filed against her, and she is serving a prison term for the threats, she says.
     Specifics of the incident or the charges were not provided in her complaint.
     “These medications … produce verbal aggression and irrationality, especially combined with sleeplessness and chemical activation of emotions,” the complaint states.
     Irish seeks punitive damages for medical malpractice and emotional distress. She is represented by Victor Perry with Perry Spann.

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