Photos Drive Trayvon Martin’s Parents From Court

     SANFORD, Fla. (CN) – Graphic photos of Trayvon Martin forced his parents from the courtroom Tuesday and emotions rose at George Zimmerman’s murder trial.
     Prosecutors showed pictures of Martin’s body lying face up in the grass moments after he was shot to death.
     Martin’s mother Sybrina Fulton looked away, then followed Trayvon’s father Tracy Martin out of the courtroom.
     The photos were shown during the testimony of Sanford Police Sgt. Anthony Raimondo Jr.
     Raimondo, who was dispatched to the shooting, said he found Martin lying face down with his hands underneath his body. He said he tried to resuscitate Martin and heard bubbling sounds in his chest.
     On cross-examination, Zimmerman’s attorney Mark O’Mara asked how long Martin’s body had been in the rain. Raimondo said about 15 minutes.
     O’Mara claimed the rain may have washed blood off Martin’s hands.
     Also called to the stand was Wendy Dorival, the Sanford Police Department’s Neighborhood Watch coordinator.
     Dorival said Zimmerman seemed meek, and declined her invitation to join the Citizens on Patrol program.
     She met with Zimmerman and the homeowners’ association president to discuss setting up a Neighborhood Watch program in the subdivision. There had been several burglaries in the area.
     Dorival said she tells volunteers not to get close to suspects but to stay at a safe distance and call 911.
     The HOA president Donald O’Brien testified that it was Zimmerman who went to the police to start the Neighborhood Watch program. He said no one else wanted to do it.
     Prosecutors then called Sanford Police crime scene technician Diane Smith, who described the conditions of the crime scene,
     Martin’s cell phone, the drink he was carrying and Zimmerman’s gun were among the evidence shown to the jury.
     The next witness was Selene Bahadoor, a neighbor who said she heard running from left to right. She said she heard a voice say “no” or “ooh.”
     O’Mara questioned Bahadoor’s claim of having neutral feelings about the case. He reminded her of a Facebook post where she “liked” a page called “Justice for Trayvon,” and signed a petition that asked for Zimmerman to be prosecuted.
     He asked why she said she heard running though she did not say so in her deposition. Bahadoor replied that she said only what she remembered.
     After her testimony, court recessed for the day.
     The state called five witnesses Tuesday, and nine since Monday.
     Five 911 calls Zimmerman made were played before testimony began Tuesday. In the calls, made six months before the shooting, he described suspicious people he saw. Prosecutors asked Seminole County Judge Debra Nelson to allow the jury to hear the calls because it shows Zimmerman’s building frustration.
     The calls were played before the jury entered the courtroom.
     Nelson said she will not rule until she is done reviewing cases and testimony.
     Defense attorneys on Tuesday also filed a motion to extend jury anonymity for six months after trial. Nelson has not yet ruled on the motion, but has said juror names will be anonymous until after the verdict is read.
     Zimmerman, 29, shot Martin to death in February 2012. Martin, 17, was unarmed.
     Whether Zimmerman killed Martin is not at issue. Zimmerman claims he killed Martin in self defense, under Florida’s “stand your ground” law.
     If convicted of second-degree murder, Zimmerman could face up to life in prison.
     Testimony resumes today.

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