Photographers Say Brady and Bundchen’s Bodyguards Shot at Them at Wedding Party

     NEW YORK (CN) – A pair of photographers say Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s bodyguards opened fired on them while they photographed the couple’s after-wedding celebration at Bundchen’s holiday home in Costa Rica in April.
     Yuri Cortez, a photographer with Agence France Presse, and Rolando Aviles, a freelancer working with the Costa Rican daily Al Dia, say they were given clearance to enter Bundchen’s property and discreetly photograph the celebration.
     The photographers claim in their federal lawsuit that a bodyguard approached them and demanded their cameras and memory cards. Aviles ran and got away, but Cortez was grabbed by the body guard, who twisted his arm, according to the complaint.
     Cortez says the bodyguard was then joined by five others, and Cortez was told to drive to Bundchen’s residence because the couple wanted to speak with him. While making the drive, they met back up with Aviles, who climbed into the car, the lawsuit states.
     That’s when a gun was drawn, according to the complaint, and the photographers say they sped away while being fired upon.
      “One of the shots … struck and shattered the rear window of the SUV, hit the front windshield and ricocheted off of it into the driver’s seat,” according to the complaint. “The bullet narrowly missed striking the heads of Cortez and Aviles.”
     Brady, a Super Bowl-winning quarterback for the New England Patriots, and supermodel Bundchen were married in Santa Monica, Calif., in February.
     The photographers say Brady and Bundchen were negligent in hiring and training their bodyguards. They are represented by John Gleason with Gleason Koatz.

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