Phone Repairman of the Year – Not

NEWNAN, Ga. (CN) – A customer says she needed “specialized professional therapy and medication” after a T-Mobile repairman uploaded lewd photos of his penis onto her cell phone.

     Rebecca Brand Moody sued Alex Freeman and T-Mobile USA in Coweta County Court.
     Moody claims that when she took her phone to T-Mobile to be repaired, “defendant Alex Freeman, under the direct employ of T-Mobile, committed an extreme and outrageous act against plaintiff by tampering, without permission, and then placing leud [sic] photographs of his genitalia into her business cellphone while it was being repaired by T-Mobile and in the exclusive possession of T-Mobile.”
     Moody says “she immediately became intensely humiliated, embarrassed, frightened, and extremely outraged after discovering the leud photographs on her cellphone.”
     So shocked, she says, that she “required specialized professional therapy and medication as a direct and continuing consequence of such acts and psychological damage by such conduct.”
     She also claims that Freeman copied and/or changed her phone’s business contacts, making her fearful that Freeman and T-Mobile may have compromised the integrity of her business contacts, and may used them for “unauthorized purposes.”
     Moody seeks punitive damages for intentional infliction of emotional distress, breach of duty, interference with business relations, medical costs, court costs, and the cost of switching cell phone carriers.
     She is represented by Thomas Morgan Jr. of Woodbury, Ga.

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