Patient Claims Doctor|Doped & Duped Her

     (CN) – A woman claims in court that a doctor gave her a sedative, then had her sign a credit application and consent forms and did $8,300 worth of “fraudulent and unconsented” laser surgery on her.
     Tywlah Guy sued Dr. Victoria Johnson and Laser Light Skin Clinic in Oklahoma County Court, in Oklahoma City.
     Guy claims she responded to Johnson’s TV ad for a free consultation, and a 50 percent off deal, at the Laser Light Clinic in Oklahoma City.
     “At said initial consultation, Dr. Johnson and Laser Light gave plaintiff a sedative prior to the signing of the credit application and consent forms,” Guy says in the complaint.
     “This unknown sedative affected the judgment and capacity of plaintiff when she allegedly agreed to the prices and consented to the procedures.
     “Plaintiff was made to believe by Dr. Johnson that the procedures would be available to her at a fifty percent (50%) discount as advertised.
     “Dr. Johnson and Laser light then had plaintiff sign consent forms for procedures and services as well as sign an application for a line of credit through ChaseHealthAdvance.
     “Plaintiff did not consent to receiving the Fraxel treatment, which was performed that day on her by Dr. Johnson.
     “Defendants then charged eight thousand three hundred dollars ($8,300.00) worth of products, services and procedures to plaintiff’s newly opened credit account.
     “The prices charged to plaintiff by defendants were not the agreed upon reduction of fifty percent (50%) as advertised.
     “As a of result the fraudulent and unconsented-to acts of Dr. Johnson and Laser Light, plaintiff suffered extreme emotional and physical distress as well as financial hardship.”
     Guy seeks damages for fraud, breach of contract, battery, assault, and emotional distress.
     She is represented by Ian Tennery with the Bussett Law Firm.

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