Patent & Trademark

     Erik Anderson and Rob Landley claim Verizon is illegally using their copyrighted  “Busybox” software, in Manhattan Federal Court.

     Typhoon Touch Technologies
claims Motion Computing and Dell violate its touch-screen computer technology, in Tyler, Texas, Federal Court.
     Applicationson Line claims The Common Application and Applyyourself Inc. dba AY Recruiting Solutions swiped its college application tutoring software and is selling it in competing products, in Alexandria, Va., Federal Court.
     Laser Technology claims Dantex Dynamics violates its patented “apparatus and method for nondestructive inspection of a vehicle,” using shearography, in Philadelphia Federal Court.
     Levitation Arts claims Fascinations Toys & Gifts and Arbor Scientific violate patent by selling a levitating magnetic toy called the “Levitron,” in Austin Federal Court.

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