Patent & Trademark

     IP Innovation and Technology Licensing Corp. say Mitsubishi violates their patents on spatial scan circuits and devices used in DVDs, TVs and projectors, in Chicago Federal Court.

     American Licorice Co. claims that World Confections sells a candy called “Sour Punks” that’s inferior to American’s “Sour Punks,” infringing trademark and damaging American Licorice, in San Francisco Federal Court.
     In separate complaints, Technology Licensing Co. accuses Sears Roebuck and Circuit City of selling Apex DVD players that infringe patent, in San Francisco Federal Court.
     Zvue Corp. claims Vuze Inc. violates trademark by selling video downloads using a name confusingly similar to its own – particularly as Vuze’s “Z” is in a different color, causing its mark to be read at Zvue – in San Francisco Federal Court. 
     P.E.G. Entertainment claims it owns the “Pink Elephant” trademark, which Bar Pink Elephant is using without permission, in San Diego Federal Court.

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