Patent & Trademark

     Henry Milan claims Apple violates his patented “flash memory drive with quick connector” in its iPod, in Detroit Federal Court.

     Omnibank claims Omni Financial Services and Omni National Bank are violating its trademark to confuse customers and falsely claim affiliation, in Houston Federal Court.
     1st Technology claims Digital Gaming Solutions violates it patent on multimedia transmission. Also sued in St. Louis Federal Court are Costa Rica International Sports, Action Poker Gaming Enterprises, eCom Enterprises, Playsafe Holding, SBG Global, and Digital Gaming Network Ltd.
     Gillette claims Dorco USA and Pace Shave violate its patents on razor handles and cartridges, in Boston Federal Court.
     Corel TW Corp. claims Cyberlink Corp. violates patent on software that integrates PC/CE Convergent devices, in San Francisco Federal Court.
     Warrior Sports claims Rawlings Sporting Goods violates patent on its “reinforced lacrosse head,” in Detroit Federal Court.

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