Patent & Trademark

     American Express’ “My People” advertising campaign, featuring celebrities such as Ellen Degeneres and Beyonce Knowles, copies H&R Block’s “People” campaign, the tax-preparation company claims in Kansas City, Mo., Federal Court.

     Operators of the sites and are selling counterfeit tickets to the Olympic Games in Beijing, using Olympic trademarks to make them appear genuine, the U.S. Olympic Committee and International Olympic Committee claim in Arizona Federal Court.
     Dollar Tree Stores and Greenbrier International claim Lanard Toys Limited make and sell “blatant counterfeits” of their Fluttering Fairykins toy, in San Diego Federal Court.
     Couples for Christ USA and its affiliates have been accused of infringing on the Couples for Christ, CFC and the “stylized cross design” service marks, in Los Angeles Federal Court.

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