Patent & Trademark

     Ipex claims Adobe Systems, West Publishing, Open Text and others violate its patented electronic document management software, in Marshall, Texas, Federal Court.

     Wordtech Systems claims Microtech Systems and a host of others violate patent on its programmable self-operating disc duplication system, in San Jose Federal Court.
     Gamestop claims Game Stop and its directors violate trademark at their Internet retail store, in Philadelphia Federal Court.
     In separate complaints, Vraston Trading claims The Nasdaq OMX Group, State Street Corp., NYSE Euronext, and The Depository Trust & Clearing Corp. violated patent on its “apparatus and process for calculating an option,” in Manhattan Federal Court.
     Complex Systems accuses ABN Amro Bank of infringing copyright and misappropriating its software and trade secrets, in Manhattan Federal Court.
     Affinity Labs of Texas claims these defendants violate its patented method of connecting a portable device to an automobile sound system: Dice Electronics, Jwin Electronics Corp., TomTom, and VAIS Technology, in Lufkin, Texas, Federal Court.

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