Patent Suit Sticks Apple With $368M Penalty

     TYLER, Texas (CN) – Apple must pay a patent-infringement verdict of $368.2 million to VirnetX Holding Corp., a federal jury ruled.
     The verdict came Tuesday after a five-day trial before U.S. District Judge Leonard Davis.
     Jurors concluded Apple’s FaceTime feature infringes on U.S. Patent No. 6,502,135 and No. 7,490,151. The former patent regards a method of transparently creating a virtual private network between a client computer and a target computer. The latter patent covers a method for solving DNS security issues.
     VirnetX brought claims over the infringement against Apple in 2011.
     “This verdict affirms our position that Apple has infringed both the VirnetX ‘135 and ‘151 patents,” McKool Smith partner Douglas Cawley said in statement. “We are very pleased with the jury’s decision.”
     The firm says that a different federal jury in Tyler awarded VirnetX more than $105.75 million over similar patent infringement claims in March 2010.

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