Patent Office Accused Of Ignoring Health Pill

    MANHATTAN (CN) – The U.S. Patent Office has been sued by a woman who claims the Department of Justice manipulated it into abandoning her father’s patent application for a “health pill” that removes toxins from tobacco.

     Faye Zhenxing is representing herself in a federal complaint, claiming the pill is based on “extensive research and intensive experiments over the past 20-odd years” and will benefit billions of smokers and second-hand smokers worldwide. The patent application was allegedly filed by inventor Dehou Fei, then 82, who successfully petitioned for speedy processing because of his age.
    The invention was published on March 17, 2005, the lawsuit states, but the patent office has since abandoned the application. Zhenxing claims it was in retaliation for an unrelated case, in which she was able to prove to the Supreme Court that the DOJ had “falsified the high court ruling.” The plaintiff demands $450 million. See complaint.

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