Parishioner Says Bishop Covered Counselor Abuse

     MINNEAPOLIS (CN) – A parishioner says that when she told a bishop/CEO of the United Methodist Church that a church counselor had sexually imposed on her, the bishop said the counselor would have “a ‘church’ trial” and tried to silence her by having her sign a waiver of rights. When she refused to do this, the woman says, the bishop told her her claims were no longer credible.

     The plaintiff says she went to the county attorney, who pressed charges, and the counselor, Donald Dean Budd, pleaded guilty to a felony for his sexual misconduct.
     The plaintiff did not sue Bishop Sally Dyck, who allegedly blew off her complaints, but sued Budd and the Minnesota Annual Conference of United Methodist Church, in Hennepin County Court.
     She demands damages for intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence, and claims that “as a result of the willful and malicious conduct, plaintiff suffered additional psychology injury (sic), including loss of faith in God and churches.”
     She is represented by Robert Hajek.

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