OSHA Tosses Rules That Are Confusing, Outdated

     WASHINGTON (CN) – In a move it estimates will save employers $45 million and 1.85 million work hours a year, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is eliminating or revising rules it says are confusing, redundant, outdated or all three.

     Among the rules being eliminated is a requirement that employers prepare and maintain written training-certification records that document whether workers have been trained to use hardhats at shipyards.
     Other deletions include the word “hot” in regulations requiring employers to provide air-drying machines for workers to dry their hands, thus allowing the use of new hand-drying technology that relies on ultraviolet light and room-temperature forced air.
     The changes come from the third installment of OSHA’s Standards Improvement Project, which is an ongoing process the agency created to remove or revise individual requirements within rules that are confusing, redundant or inconsistent.

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