Oops! Warner Wants ‘Terminator’ Money Back

     (CN) – Warner Bros. claims a movie distributor pocketed checks meant for a trust account benefiting profit participants of the movie “Terminator 3,” including Arnold Schwarzenegger.

     In its complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court, Warner Bros. says it set up a trust account with (nonparty) Fintage Collection Account Management so that a disinterested party could divvy up the profits from “Terminator 3.”
     Fintage was charged with insuring that Schwarzenegger, director Jonathan Mostow and the movie’s investors were paid before Intermedia Film Distribution got its cut.
     Everything went smoothly until March 2009, Warner says, when Intermedia lawyers began calling it, claiming Intermedia’s payments were late.
     Warner Bros. says it discovered it had accidentally sent three checks totaling $1.1 million directly to Intermedia, instead of funneling the money through Fintage’s trust account.
     The checks were made out to Intermedia, but to be deposited in Fintage’s account at the Union Bank of California, according to the complaint.
     Warner Bros. claims Intermedia cashed the checks anyway.
     Warner wants the money back, for payment to the correct account. It is represented by Christopher Caldwell, Linda Burrow and Eric Pettit with Caldwell Leslie & Proctor.

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