Onetime Fan Accuses Miley Cyrus of Racism

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – A woman of Asian Pacific Islander descent filed a class action accusing teen singer Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana of discrimination because she posed for a photo in which she pulled the sides of her eyes “to slant them in mockery of the stereotypical physical features of persons of Asian Pacific Islander descent.”

     Lucie J. Kim claims in Superior Court that Cyrus’ act violated California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act because it “deprived all consumers of her (Hanna Montana) merchandise and her fans of Asian Pacific Islander descent of the full and equal accommodations, advantages, privileges and services of Cyrus’ image.”
     That image, according to the complaint, was one of innocence and being “just a kid.” In reality, the Kim claims, “Cyrus claiming to be ‘just a kid’ is akin to Paris Hilton claiming to be ‘just a kid.'”
     Kim seeks $4 million in damages. She is represented by Henry M. Lee.

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