One Seatbelt Per Person Preferred on Airplanes

     WASHINGTON (CN) – The Federal Aviation Administration has clarified that use of a seat belt and/or seat by more than one occupant is not preferred.
     Sharing is only permitted if the seat usage conforms to the limitations in the approved part of the Airplane Flight Manual, according to clarifications of prior FAA rule interpretations.
     After 14 people died in the crash of a 10-seat airplane, the National Transportation Safety Board concluded that if the crash were less severe, the four children thrown from the plane would have been at greater risk of injury or death.
     The children were likely thrown because they didn’t have their own seatbelts, the NTSB’s report said.
     Before multiple occupants use the same seat and/or seat belt, if the pertinent information is available, the pilot in command must also check whether: The seat belt is approved and rated for such use; and the structural strength requirements for the seat are not exceeded, according to the clarifications.
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