Ohio Questions Navy Veterans’ Group

CINCINNATI (CN) – Ohio sued the United States Navy Veterans Association in Federal Court, claiming the group is soliciting contributions though “the Ohio Attorney General has not been able to locate one person associated with the Association.”

     Charitable organizations “must comply with Ohio Revised Code Chapter 1716 if they intend to solicit contributions in Ohio,” and must provide the “names and addresses of all officers, directors, trustees and executive personnel of the Association,” according to the complaint.
     The state says the defendant has not done this, and it also refused to furnish a complete financial report of its activities, as required by state law.
     The state says that “the addresses listed are all UPS mailboxes and the phone numbers listed are cell phones that, when dialed … are transferred to the same voicemail box for the Association.”
     The state sued the Association and nine of its directors, seven in Washington, D.C., and two in Cincinnati. It seeks an injunction, civil penalties and punitive damages.

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