Obama Orders Feds|to Hire Disabled

     WASHINGTON (CN) – To establish the Federal Government as a model employer of those with disabilities, President Obama has ordered executive departments and agencies to increase recruitment, hiring and retention of them.

     Under the order, the heads of the Office of Personnel Management, Labor Department, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and Office of Management and Budget, are to design model recruitment and hiring strategies to increase employment of people with disabilities, and develop mandatory training programs for human resources personnel and hiring managers on the employment of individuals with disabilities.
      The employment agencies also are to identify and assist agencies in implementing strategies for retaining federal workers with disabilities including training, the use of centralized funds to provide reasonable accommodations, increasing access to appropriate accessible technologies, and ensuring the accessibility of physical and virtual workspaces.
      Finally, federal agencies are to make special efforts to ensure the retention of those injured on the job.
      This action builds on President Bill Clinton’s 2000 order calling for an additional 100,000 individuals with disabilities to be employed by the Federal Government over five years.

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